Yep ...

... we're still here.

Lest you think the Gone Zombie extended break has been for naught, fear not: we're hard at work collecting the first Gone Zombie story arc into an ebook. It's been a real blast to look back on all the work that went into producing the strip's first storyline and I hope you find the book's extras -- early drafts, the original Zuda submission and much more -- as intriguing as I do.

Watch this space for further announcements about the title as we get closer to its publication date.

A couple housekeeping notes:

  • I've gone ahead and switched the home page to something akin to a "cover" image, but with a link that gets folks right into the story.
  • If you are, or know, a colorist looking for work, please contact us.

I'm always pleasantly surprised how many people visit Gone Zombie each week and hope they -- and you --enjoy the stories. 

Until next time (and I promise "next time" won't take so long!) ...


Steranko, apes, awesomeness

While conducting some blog clean-up work, I couldn't help but linger over the previously-posted Fantastic Four Jim Steranko piece. Thought it could use some company.

There's no way to overrate Steranko, is there? I mean, like, no way.



Okay, enough with the back-and-forth.

As you're no doubt aware, we've had a problem getting colored Gone Zombie strips posted. Some days it looks like we're set, other days ... not so.

So here's my promise to you:

From here on out, I'm going to post the best strip I have on hand: if that's a colored strip, then that's what I'll post. If what I have is black and white, then that's what will go up.

As of right now, we'll be heading toward the end of the summer without any interruptions to our tale. Thanks once again for your patience; I hope it's rewarded -- colors or no.


Hey, Oscar Wilde!

One of my favorite art/sketch-related Web sites; my only regret is that it isn't updated more frequently, though I understand why.


Steranko's FF

I always thought this cover by Jim Steranko was the definition of cool and remain puzzled that it didn't grace an annual, a premium hardcover collection or an original novel ... but rather an index of Fantastic Four comics. Not to slight those indices; in the pre-Internet days (remember those?), they could be invaluable. Still ... I can't help but feel this one went underutilized. Check out more index covers here. (But I'll be honest with you: none of the other ones come close to this.)